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Welcome to the National Debt Mediation Association

The NDMA is a not for profit organisation, established by the credit industry to provide debt mediation services in terms of the Credit Industry Code of Conduct to Combat Over indebtedness that has been approved by the National Credit Regulator. The services include general debt management advice, complaints and debt mediation for consumers and their credit providers.

The advice and debt mediation services offered by the NDMA revolve around the following key areas:

Self Help tools for consumers to assess their level of over indebtedness;  
Guidelines on the legal and voluntary industry debt restructuring options that are available to consumers, including their pros and cons;  
Who to go to for help  
The do’s and don’ts of credit usage, budgeting, and avoiding the debt spiral  
Mediation of complaints against NDMA members with regards to the handling of debt review applications in terms of the Code of Conduct as well as requests for debt restructuring pre and post the issuing of section 129 letters.  

How does it work?

Through negotiated agreements captured in the Industry Code of Conduct, eligible over-indebted consumers can now take advantage of significant concessions, beyond what is required by the law to resolve their over indebtedness. The voluntary concession is an option available to the consumer through their registered debt counsellor. The industry concession offers interest and fee reductions as well as term extension in order to ensure that the consumer rehabilitates within 60 months.

For a detailed explanation of the industry debt restructuring rules click here. For a list of NCR-registered debt counsellors in your region, click here, alternatively you can call the NCR on 011 554 2600 or 0860 627 627


Did you know?

  • A Credit Industry Code of Conduct to Combat Over-indebtedness came into effect on the 1st January 2011.

  • The Code seeks to prevent over-indebtedness and provide safeguards and relief measures for consumers who are experiencing financial distress.

  • In terms of the Code, the NDMA is empowered to receive and resolve complaints by consumers or debt counsellors against credit providers who subscribe to the Code.

  • Complaints can be about the handling of the debt counselling process by the credit provider as well as how they handle consumers experiencing payment difficulties.

  • If you as a Consumer or a Debt Counsellor wants to lodge a complaint against a credit provider please contact our complaints handling agents at 086 111 6362 or send an email to:

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Dear NDMA Stakeholder,
Please note that the NDMA is currently reviewing and updating the content and information contained on this website. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this process and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The NDMA Team
Helpline 086 111 6362.